Report a Home & Legacy household claim

You can report your household claim to us by phone, email or using our online system.

It should only take a few minutes to submit your claim online. Please be aware that you cannot save and complete later.

Once you have submitted the details of the claim, we will advise you of the next steps.

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Firstly, please provide the following qualifying information so that we may direct your claim appropriately.

mandatory field

Qualifying information

Is your home habitable? E.g. ‘no’ if you cannot stay there due to lack of basic facilities, such as electricity or water.

Is your home secure?E.g. ‘no’ if doors are broken or windows are smashed.

Is your home suffering from any ongoing water leak?E.g. mains water is escaping from a burst pipe or leaking appliance.

Does vermin need removing from your home?E.g. any of the following need to be removed from your home: various species regarded as pests or nuisances including, but not limited to, mice, rats, squirrels, insects, arachnids, worms or other disease-ridden creatures.

Is there a problem with the drains, gutters or downpipes? E.g. failure or damage to the plumbing, drainage, gutters or downpipes which could result in damage to your home.

Has anyone suggested they are holding you responsible for injury, or for damage to their property?

You can also report your claim by phone or email.

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